We give the full refund of the money we receive as stated below minus any bank/credit card companies/PayPal charges incurred. We have found in some cases banks/credit card companies/PayPal seem to charge a processing fee for the refund - we don't refund this amount. (Also please be aware that there are fluctuation in currencies. If your bank exchanges money into US$ on one date, it will be a different amount on another date - although we will return to you the same amount you paid to us in US$, when you convert that back to your original currency it may be less or more than the amount you originally converted.)

Cancel 90 days or more before arrival =100% refund.
Cancel 60-90 days or more before arrival =85% refund.
Cancel 30-60 days before arrival 70% refunded.
21-30 days before arrival 50% refunded.
21 days before arrival - no refund unless we are able to find another booking for the same dates. But we MAY possibly be able to change your dates. We will do our best to work with you on this.

If you need to change your booking dates please contact us and we should be able to come to some arrangement.

We reserve the right to cancel the booking of any guest that cannot give us flight details within 1 week of making the booking. The reason for this is we have found these guests are often unable to get the flights they want and cancel their bookings, which is damaging to our business. Any bank or PayPal charges incurred will NOT be refunded.