Baan Puri Information Guide

          Baan Puri reception desk: 076-318326 – Fax:076-318-333

Phuket Address:

Baan Puri Resort
110/67 Moo 3
Cherng Talay
Phuket 83110

Ph: 66 76 621539

Fax: 66 76 621739


      Location Video – Search YouTube “How to get to Baan Puri” and you will see it.

The telephone system is run by Baan Puri Management Company. To have the phone turned on, please go to reception and leave them a signed credit card form. When you check out reception will calculate the bill. If you do not use the phone they will return your form to you.

Dialing Out

For an outside line dial 9

Long Distance: 001+country code +city code + number

Phuket Code: 076 + number

Bangkok Code: 02 + number

Information: 183

Dialing In

To call the apartments use the number below.

Room to Room Dialing

Ground floor apartment extension number (A4): 1004

Ground floor apartment (C30): 1030

Ground floor apartment (D44): 1044
First floor apartment extension number (A6): 1006

Penthouse apartment (D56) 1056

           Baan Puri Reception telephone number: 1000
                            (Reception is   open 24 hours.)

Baan Puri Restaurant telephone number: 206 (Open from 7am to 9:00pm)

Baan Puri  Manager’s Office: 201



If you think it is possible you will have an emergency please make sure you get the phone connected in your apartment by going to the front desk and letting them take a copy of your credit card. Please practice making a few phone calls (not to the emergency number) as the phones in Thailand can be challenging to use at times.


Hospitals with 24 hour emergency room/ open 24 hours


Bangkok International Phuket Hospital (best for foreigners) Ph: 076 249400

Vachira Hospital Ph:076 212150 (nearby Bangkok Hospital)

Thalang Government Hospital Ph:  076 311111 (nearest to Baan Puri)

Patong Hospital Ph: 076 344225 Emergencies 076 340444

Bangkok Int’l Phuket Clinic in Laguna Phuket complex close by but (not 24hrs) Ph: 076 325442

If there is an emergency where you need to get to the hospital then please go to reception and get a taxi. There are guards on the premises 24 hours a day so if reception is closed please call a guard. You can also call the 24 hour emergency numbers below but if you are in a hurry to get to the hospital it will be faster to go to reception and get a taxi.

       Please note some Thai mobile phones play music before they connect.


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